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Festival information

Where can I buy my tickets?

You can buy your tickets on our website or here.

I lost my tickets? Where can I find them?

You can find you tickets here.

Are you looking for volunteers?

Always! Looking for more information? Visit our website.

I am disabled, can I come?

Of course! We try to make our festival as accessible as possible. However, the site has a beach and forest, so we can not guarantee that every corner of the site is equally accessible.

I’m a breastfeeding mum

There will be a special area at the First aid stand for pumping milk.

How do I get there?

By bike, car, bus or even the train! You can find all the information about traffic here.

Can I apply for a press accreditation?

For a press accreditation you can send an e-mail to [email protected]

First Aid?

There is a First Aid on the festival grounds.


To take medication with you, you need a doctor’s certificate. Send us an email in advance at [email protected]; by permission we ensure that security knows that these are not bad pills in your luggage.

Clean And Green

Trash Free

We like to keep our festival clean, but we do need your help for that! So got some trash? Throw it in the trash cans. Just a little effort, but it will give a great result. We also have our Trashure Teams who lend a helping hand. Would you like to join? Check We also have a couple of pillars to keep our grounds clean:


We do not share flyers, gadgets or timetables at our festival. Don’t want to miss your favourite artist? Download our app (available soon), including the timetable! Our drinks are only available without their caps, this in order to prevent that the plastic continues to sway in the nature for years.


Reuse is good use. It would be a sin to throw away those beautiful decoration materials, right?


Together we separate the waste, to make this possible we create a mono stream: Pet-bottles and Pet-cups.


Extrema Outdoor is accessible by public transport, the nearest train station is Boxmeer. Check the NS Reisplanner app or for the exact departure and arrival times. Between station Boxmeer and the festival there will be shuttles available. So public transport is an option! Furthermore: walk, cycle, run or… carpool! Want to book a bus trip? Your friend is!

Good and healthy food

Besides the usual array we also have biologic, vegetarian or local products. Are you allergic? Of course we take this into account. We want to prevent our oceans being emptied, so our caterers will listen to the website:

Do not print, go digital

It’s better to show the ticket on your phone. This is good for the environment and just as easy.

Tap water

At Extrema Outdoor we have several water points with free water.


We use a smart power plan, so we work with an energy company and try to limit the use of aggregates to a minimum.

FAQ U XO! I still have a question!

Where can I ask my question?

You can always mail us – [email protected]