Where is it?

You can find Extrema Outdoor on the beautiful grounds of De Bergen in Wanroij. Deep forests, a clear lake – including a beach – and enough space for numerous exciting areas.

The navigation address is:


Zoetendaal 10

5681 RZ Wanroij

Is Extrema Outdoor for young and old?

You can only enter the festival and campsite if you are 18 years or older. Be sure to bring a valid ID. So don’t take the risk and show your ID before entering Extrema Outdoor.

What are the opening hours?

The doors of the campsite will open on Friday July 7th at noon. On Monday July 10th we close our doors at noon. The doors of the festival will open Friday at 16.00 and will close at 01.00. on Saturday we open at 13:00 and will close at 01:00. On Sunday the doors will open at 14:00 and they will close at 23:00.

What about drugs and such?

You are not allowed to bring drugs or weapons. Before entering Extrema Outdoor there will be a strict search. If you don’t cooperate with the search, your access to the festival will be denied. We have a Zero Tolerance policy about drugs. Keep this in mind.

Am I allowed to smoke?

Smoking is allowed, but please think about the environment. Don’t throw your cigarettes on the ground, but make sure that they are extinguished and throw them in a trashcan or (portable) ashtray.

Do you use a code of conduct?

YES! Violence and intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated. This also includes discrimination, sexual intimidation or wearing provocative clothing (for example football shirts or/and full colours). Extrema Outdoor puts a lot of love and hard work in the décor of the festival. Stealing or destroying of the properties of Extrema Outdoor or other partners is forbidden. Also climbing the fences and/or other installations or infrastructures will not be tolerated.

Are there things I am not allowed to bring?

For everybody’s safety it is not allowed to be in possession of glass, spray cans (with propane), fireworks or umbrellas.

What about commodities?

Trading in goods of any kind whatsoever – without any permission of the organisation – is not allowed.

How about dealing with advertising?

Flyers and/or posters pasting other events – without any permission of the organisation – is not allowed.

Can I bring my pet?


Can I bring my own booze?

It is not allowed to bring your own drinks to Extrema Outdoor.


There are enough lockers available on the festival grounds and campsite.


Do you need any medication during the Festival? That is no problem, If you are in possession of a medical statement or prescription (matching your ID). Mail us a few weeks beforehand [email protected]
and print out the confirmation you’ll get by mail. Make sure you can show it at the entrance.

Film or photo register

During the festival different partners will make film or photo registers. By entering the festival you automatically give permission for registration and use of the media to Extrema Outdoor and our media partners and you accept the conditions. It is not allowed to bring professional photo or film equipment for your own use. But of course you may use your digital camera.


Extrema Outdoor is an event that tries as good as possible to make it accessible and fun for the disabled. Near the entrance of the festival is a handicapped parking space. You are allowed to park here if you can show your disability card.

First aid/Security

There will be an adequate security staff at the festival site. There is also a professional first aid stand clearly present at the festival. These people are standby at the festival for you and your friends’ safety. So make sure to listen to any instructions given by the security staff, the first aid team and the organisation.

I’m a breastfeeding mum

There will be a special area at the First aid stand for pumping milk.

Ticket info

Where can I buy my ticket?

Only buy your tickets for XO on our website, at the door or via our ticket partner Eventix/Eventim. This way you are sure of a valid ticket.

I’ve lost my ticket, what do I do?

Didn’t receive your ticket or did you lose them? Check out the FAQ of our ticketing partner Eventix en Eventim. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? You can reach Eventix via [email protected] or give them a call on: (+31) 085 8883007. Bought your tickets via Eventim? Check ‘Mijn Eventim’ for your tickets.

Do not print, go digital

It’s better to show the ticket on your phone. This is good for the environment and just as easy.

Clean & Green

Green deal  

We have to be thankful for this beautiful piece of nature that is available annually to return to as a large family. So let’s give something back. We do that through a number of priorities that are extended every year.

Trash Free!  

We like to keep our festival clean, but we need your help for that! So trash? Throw it in the trashcans. Just a little effort, but it will give a great result. We also have our Trashure Teams who lend a helping hand. Would you like to help us? Check out We also have a couple of pillars to keep our grounds clean:



We do not share flyers, gadgets or timetables at our festival. Don’t want to miss our favourite artist? Download our app, including the timetable! Our drinks are only available without their caps, this in order to prevent that the plastic continues to sway in the nature for years.

Reuse is good use. It would be a sin to throw away those beautiful decoration materials, right?

Together we separate the waste, to make this possible we create a mono stream: Pet-bottles and Pet-cups.


Or you can use your OV. Between station Boxmeer and the festival there will be shuttles available. We also have combination tickets (train+bus). Or you can get a bus trip from home and abroad via Event Travel. Easy, right? For more information, go to:

Good and healthy food  

Besides the usual array we also have biologic, vegetarian or local products. Are you allergic? Of course we take this into account. We want to prevent our oceans being emptied, so our caterers look at the opinions of the fish guides, you can find it at

Do not print, go digital  

It’s better to show the ticket on your phone. This is good for the environment and just as easy.

Hard cups  

Extrema Outdoor uses hard cups, so you don’t have to walk over all the plastic when the day is done.

I love my ears  

Earplugs of Alpine are available at the festival. For more information go During the festival we measure the sounds in the area to make sure we are doing everything to cause as little inconvenience as possible.

Celebrate Safe  

We love a good party, but we like to do it responsible. Need some tips? Check:

Tap Water  

At Extrema Outdoor we have several water points with free water.


We use a smart power plan, so we work with an energy company and try to limit the use of aggregates to a minimum.


How does it work?

Extrema Outdoor is cashless. After buying your ticket your data will be attached to a wristband. This allows you to pay at the bars/food stalls. It is also possible to add tokens beforehand on your wristband.


Duo to this cashless system we see which bars are too busy and where the drinks are going fast. This prevents lines at the bar. Thanks to the cashless system you can add tokens during the festival to your wristband via the app.


This is very useful. Do you still have tokens on your wristband? Until two weeks after the festival you have the possibility to get a refund. So you can get your remaining money back after the festival.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your drinks/food at all the bars/food stalls by holding your wristband before the scanner.


If you connect your PayPal-account you can automatically charge your wristband at the bar. If you still have tokens on your wristband after Extrema Outdoor, then you can ask a refund on our website.


Public transport  

Extrema Outdoor is accessible by public transport, the nearest train station is Station Boxmeer. Check the NS Reisplanner for the exact departure and arrival times. For recent travel information during traveling go to or download Reisplanner Xtra app for free.

Event travel  

No volunteers for driving? Or don’t want to drive? Via Event Travel we have special bus trips.



For the people that are using a navigation system: Zoetendaal 10, Wanroij. Extrema will also have signs to direct you to the parking spaces.

Kiss & Ride

Need to get dropped off or picked up? We have a special Kiss & Ride area near the festival. Please note that parking on the road is not allowed. Kiss & Ride will be announced around the festival area.


Extrema Outdoor has an special parking place near the festival and camping area. There are parking tickets available in our ticketshop.

Travelling from abroad


Schiphol airport – intercity direction Nijmegen (get out at Nijmegen) – Arriva train direction Roermond (get out at Boxmeer) – shuttle service



Eindhoven – intercity direction Venlo (get out at Blerick) – Arriva train direction Nijmegen ( get out at Boxmeer) – shuttle service


Weeze airport

Weeze airport – airport shuttle direction Venlo ( – train direction Nijmegen (get out at Boxmeer) – shuttle service

Shuttle Service

We have a shuttle service from Boxmeer to the festival

Overall information

Terms and Conditions

You can find our Terms and Conditions here.

Privacy statement

You can find our privacy statement here.


Visiting address: Tramstraat 6, 5611CP Eindhoven +31887717700

Billing address: Postbus 4950, 5604CD Eindhoven

Campsite information

Access to the campsite

You can only enter our campsite with a Full Weekend Ticket. All other tickets only give you access to the festival.

Check in

You can check in at the following times:

Friday: 12:00 – 01:00

Saturday: 13:00 – 01:00

Sunday: 14:00 – 23:00

Food and drinks

There will be different food and drink stands. This is a variation made for everyone’s needs.
Please check the camping rules here.


There are several shower zones at the XO Vintage Art Camping. These showers are opened from morning until late hours.


There are several toilet zones at the Extrema Camping. NOTE! We try to provide the toilet paper as much as possible, but this is not always possible. So make sure to bring your own toilet paper. The toilet are open 24 hours a day.

How large may my tent be?

Tents bigger than 4 person tents, for example army tents for a platoon, are not allowed.

Leased tent information

More information will follow soon

Bungalow information

More information will follow soon

Other leased accommodations

More information will follow soon


Call or email

That is possible! Send an e-mail to [email protected] or call +31887717700

You can send us an app!

This is possible at the number +31615022159

Receive newsletter

Register here.


We are very happy with our volunteers. Take a look at for all the possibilities.


You can e-mail these to [email protected]