Camping rules


What is and is not allowed at the camping?

The following items are not welcome at the Solar Camping. Caution: Upon finding these items they will be confiscated:

– Soundsystems (all sorts)
– Power units, car batteries, generators or other power supplies
– Gas cannisters (only light, disposable cannisters are permitted (250g max)
– Large quantities of  alcohol (max per person: 12 cans of beer (0,33cl per can) or 1,5 liter wine in closed container)
– Strong liquor (it is not allowed to bring already opened containers)
– Glass
– Glass bottles of soda
– Fireworks, weapons and other (dangerous) items which can be used as a weapon (think knives, hammers, screwdrivers)
– Open fire between tents (barbecues or small gas fires are only permitted at the barbecue zone)
– Couches (and other large items)
– Shopping trollies, bikes, motorcycles/scooters and all other (motorized) carts which do not fit through the entrance gates normally
– Drugs or other narcotic and psychedelic substances
– Dry ice, (laughing) gas cannisters
– Graffitti, spray cans, sprays and so on
– Pets (all kinds, except for guide dogs for the blind)
– Clothing which can be deemed provocative and fluo coats
– Fridges or freezers


Which shenanigans are not permitted?

– Drugs and weapons are not allowed. Upon entrance you will be searched extensively. Upon refusal you will not be allowed entrance. Caution: Solar Weekend has a zero tolerance policy on drugs.
– Smoking is permitted, but not inside the festival tents. Be mindful of the environment. Do not throw your sigarettes on the ground but put them out and throw them (extinguished) in the garbage bins.
– Do not be lazy and walk a few meters to throw your garbage in the appropiate bins. If you throw it on the ground its unhealthy for the environment and we deem it illegal.
– Violence and intimidating behavior is not tolerated. This includes discrimination, sexual intimidation or wearing provocative clothing (soccer jerseys for example).
– Drinking is fine! But drink responsibly. Drunk visitors will be removed from the grounds. This also goes for medication, do not exceed your limits.
– Solar Weekend Festival does its utmost to make the stages and areas as cozy as possible. It is therefore prohibited to steal or destroy property of Solar and its partners.
– Out of public safety it is not allowed to be in possession of glass, (propane) aerosol cans, fireworks and umbrellas.
– Visitors enter the festival at their own risk. The organization is not responsible for any damages, be it physical or mental.
– Climbing of fences and/or other installations or infrastructure is not tolerated.
– Doing business of any kind without the express permission of the Solar organization is not allowed.
– Noise after 01:00 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
– Noise after 23:00 on Sunday.
– Digging holes, trenches or wells.
– Swimming between sundown and sunrise.
– Blocking fire exits and emergency exits. Should this be the case the organization is free to move any items out of security reasons.
– Handing out flyers and/or putting up posters of other events without the express permission of the organization. </ul>

Caution: The organization reserves the right to deny entrance to or remove visitors from the camping upon not following the instructions of the Solar crew.</p>
Caution: Visitors enter the Solar Camping at their own risk. The organization is not responsible for damages of any kind (be it physical or mental).</p>